BBBS Celebrates Unity Day for Kindness, Inclusion, and Acceptance

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is taking a stand to raise awareness and unite communities to prevent bullying, one child at a time. Big Brothers Big Sisters strongly believes that every child and teen has the right to feel safe and supported under all circumstances, whether in school, online, or in the community, and bullying is never an answer.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is spreading awareness in the community by taking part in Unity Day on October 24th. Unity Day in a featured event during National Bullying Prevention Month with the goal to unite together against bullying and stand for kindness, inclusion, and acceptance for all. BBBS staff will be taking part in the simple call to action: to wear and share orange.

Big or little, anyone can take a step to prevent bullying. Adults too can play a role to put a stop to bullying. They can model and set an example of how to treat others with kindness and respect, help kids understand bullying by discussing what bullying is, how to stand up to it safely, and know how to get help, and check in with kids often by listening to them, asking questions, and understanding their concerns to prevent it before it begins.

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