BBBS Recognizes Volunteer Appreciation Month

The month of April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is recognizing the significance of this month. Our volunteer mentors, Bigs, are committed to their Littles and the development of a positive relationship that turns into a lifelong bond. Bigs ignite the potential in their Littles that has been there all along.

The differences that Bigs make are not just surface level. In fact, the 2017 BBBSA annual report found that, on average, being matched with a Big can help a child strengthen peer relationships, aspire to achieve more in school, and improve overall parent-child relationships.

Big Brothers Big Sisters spread awareness of Volunteer Appreciation Month through an event honoring and celebrating Bigs and their drive to change lives. On April 17th, BBBS 7 Rivers Region hosted a Big Appreciation Event at the Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse. At the event, Bigs were able to chat, eat snacks, have some drinks, and play games in the old-fashioned arcade!

Big Brothers Big Sisters not only recognizes Bigs, but all members of our community that have a passion for volunteering. On behalf of all of us here at Big Brothers Big Sisters 7 Rivers Region, we thank all volunteers for their efforts to strengthen our community.

Are you looking to change lives for the better, forever? Learn how to become a Big at

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