Get to Know Your BBBS Staff: Mai Lor

Please help me welcome our newest member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region Staff, Mai Lor! She’s a new Match Support Specialist and is ready to help make a difference here at BBBS. Get to know more about her here:

Farrah: So tell me a little bit about yourself!

Mai Lor: I was born in Thailand, but relocated to the US when I was barely 1 years old. Wuwe relocated to La Crosse where the majority of my dad’s family lives. So I think of myself as born and raised here in La Crosse because I’ve never known otherwise. After high school, I continued my education at the University of Wisconsin – Madison pursing my Bachelors in Social Welfare.  I like to read and binge watch/re-watch my favorite TV shows (I have lots). I love to travel and have to a few places in US, but not to nearly enough places yet. I also haven’t been anywhere internationally unless Thunder Bay in Canada counts, but international trips is something on my bucket list.

F: Current role and responsibilities in BBBS?

ML: My position with BBBS of 7 Rivers Region is a Match Support Specialist. I will be responsible for following up with interested Bigs and Littles and getting them through the initial assessment processes and getting them into the enrollment process based on their eligibility. My main focus is working with our Site-Based Program.

F: What made you decide to get into nonprofit?

ML: I believe nonprofits make a huge impact on the communities they serve and they give people the opportunity to grow to their potential. That’s why I decided to get into nonprofit, I want to be able to be part of that impact and to make a difference in at least one person/family/community’s life.

F: Do you have a short and/or long term goal coming into BBBS?

ML: I am definitely looking for a challenge and to make a difference with BBBS. A short term goal is to be able to make matches well.  A long term goal would be to get BBBS out into more schools, communities, agencies, and build lasting relationships with them.

F: Did you have a mentor growing up?

ML: I had many different mentors, outside of my parents and sister, my teachers and the pre-college prep program tutor/staff really helped mentor me. They really pushed me to really think about my potential and really gave me a chance to explore a lot of different paths/interests.

bookF: What are your binge watching on Netflix right now? Book your reading?

ML: I am currently not binge watching anything on Netflix, but I’ve been meaning to start “Stranger Things”. I’m currently reading “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” it’s an interesting read.

F: Can you describe an experience where you took a huge leap of faith?

ML: Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado River. The river had been very high and the current was rushing and I can barely swim. We got to a part where we were allowed to get off the raft, and I was having a great time up to this point and did not realize we could not go onto the little sandy “beach” area because it was private land until I was out of the raft. Well I started drifting away from my raft and group. At this point I was panicking, then I stopped and just let myself be pushed by the current and luckily there was another raft not too far from mine and they caught me and took me back to my raft. Just letting the current take me was a huge leap of faith because I wasn’t sure where it would take me. I got a couple of bruises and a cut, but it was a pretty great experience and I got a good story out of it.

F: What would you most likely be maxing out on your credit card?

ML: Shoes, I have so many and don’t wear nearly as many as I should, but I could always use more.

F: Ain’t that the truth…

F: If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

ML: The Indecisive Adventurer? – When it comes to me, I’m super indecisive about things. It’d be a movie about how adventurously indecisive I am.

F: Finally, last serious question, would you rather have no elbows or no knees?

ML: I’d have to say no knees, the elbow is the strongest bone, can’t lose my strongest player. 🙂