How YOU Can Get Involved

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides kids with a Big to mentor them and assure they thrive and achieve success in their lives. There is always a need for Big’s in our community, but we know that not everyone can commit to that, and that’s okay. Do you love the organization but can’t make that commitment? There are ways you can get involved, too!

Participate in fundraisers

You’re not the only one interested in BBBS, a lot of really cool companies are, too! Burrachos in Onalaska will be donating 25% of their profits on October 20th from 4-8 pm to BBBS of the 7 Rivers Region if you mention it at check out. You know what’s even better than donating to a great cause? Getting a burrito for doing so. 

Cars for Kids Sake is another awesome fundraiser. By giving the old car in your driveway to BBBS, you are providing funds for all of the opportunities given to kids through our organization.

Until January 31st, 2017, a portion of proceeds from the Treasure&Bond collection at Nordstrom will be donated directly to BBBS. This brand is dedicated to enriching the lives of kids, and we are all for that. Buy some new clothes for your kids while enriching the lives of others.

And that’s just the start. Stay updated on our social media for more fundraisers; they’re constantly being added! If you have a fundraiser you think would work well with us, or want to join one of our committees, please contact



Go to an event

We host four major events each year that are not only fun, but help to make what we do possible. Get a team together and Bowl for Kids’ Sake in June or Golf for Kids’ Sake in August. Both are fun, friendly competitions that lead to a whole lot of good.

And for those who would rather dress up for a nice meal, Catered for Kids’ Sake in La Crosse is another great event. Sit back, relax, and enjoy food from different area caterers on March 2nd, 2017.

If you prefer a more casual dining experience, Taste of Winona is for you. This event is in August; more details will be announced soon. Stay tuned!



Volunteer your time and talents

Have a hobby or a job that our matches would love to try? Do you own a hobby farm or work at an art studio? We plan weekly REACH events for our matches to get out in the community while learning and exploring new things. If you think our matches would enjoy something that you are involved in, let us know. We’d love to collaborate on that.

We are always looking for creative talents who want to be a part of BBBS. If you’re a photographer, artist, coach, whatever it may be, and want offer your talents to us, we would be overjoyed. Share your skills with us and help us help others.




Of course, monetary donations are always appreciated. To donate online, click here.
For more information on anything discussed here, feel free to email us at, or call 608-782-2227. We can’t wait to hear from you!