Enroll My Child 

Who can be a Little?
Littles are girls and boys between 5 and 15.
Littles want another adult to spend time with.

A Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple gives a child an additional friend in his/her life. Bigs are carefully screened volunteers from the community who spend time each week with their Littles.

Community Based
Community Based matches do things together throughout the community, like visiting the library or museum, skating at the park, going out to eat, or simply hanging out.

Site Based Matches
Site Based matches meet at a designated location like an elementary school or after school program and play games, read books, draw pictures, or do other activities available at the site.

Refer a Child 

We accept referrals from teachers, social workers, therapists, guidance counselors, and other professionals. However enrollment in our program requires approval and participation by a child's parent or legal guardian. All parents must want their children to be in our program, and all children must want a mentor.

Once a youth referral has been received by our agency, our  staff will contact the child’s parent or legal guardian to determine if this is the right program for their child and determine if their child meets program eligibility criteria. 

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