National Bullying Prevention Month

70% of kids in the United States have witnessed bullying in their school.

15% of high school students have been cyberbullied.

Only students report the bullying they see or are involved in.

It’s October, National Bullying Prevention Month, and it’s time to change these statistics. We, at BBBS, believe in giving kids a fair shot at achieving success, and it’s hard to be successful in your education when you are afraid to go to school. School should feel like a safe place for kids, and sadly, that’s not always the case.

Bullying is a worldwide problem that can be solved little by little by individuals just like you. Throughout the month, we will be posting statistics about bullying and tips on how to change them.

Let’s start with a few of the ways you can prevent bullying in your school:

  1. When you see bullying happening, tell an adult
  2. If you are being bullied, calmly walk away and report it to an adult you trust
  3. Make a new friend
  4. Help to get others away from bullying situations
  5. Be kind to others on social media
  6. Talk to your principal about ways bullying can be reduced in your school
  7. Smile at someone new in the hallway
  8. Spread kindness to everyone, even the bully!

Little actions can go a long way. Always report bullying to an adult, be there for others, and be kind to everyone. Let’s take time this month to make sure  the schools in our community are safe and welcoming for all kids.

For more information about National Bullying Prevention Month, check out the Stomp Out Bullying website.
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