October is Anti-Bullying Month

October 21st is Unity Day which is a national awareness initiative that highlights the impact of bullying on our children and community.  Tomorrow hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people will be wearing orange to show their support for victims of bullying.  However, as you, your little and/or child put on that orange shirt please remember that this is a day to unite and embrace everyone that is impacted by this troubling behavior.  As adults it is important that we show care and compassion not only to the children and families that have been impacted by bullying, but to the children that partake in the bullying behavior.  In order to help stop the problem, it is import to recognize that there are often a number of factors that exist behind the scenes in the lives of the children we label bullies.  On October 21st please join us in recognizing the need for a united and caring approach to reducing the harmful and tragic impact of bullying behavior in our community.
To learn more about how to stop bullying or recognize signs please visit: