Thank Your Mentor Day

January 19th is National #ThankYourMentorDay, part of National Mentoring MonthTY Mentor.

On this day, take time to think about the ways in which someone has positively impacted your life, and ask yourself, have I thanked them lately? This day isn’t just for Littles thanking Bigs! Parents, how could you let your child’s Big know you appreciate them? Bigs, how has someone mentored you in ways that enabled you to become a positive impact on your Little?


Here are some ways you can thank your mentors:

  • CardSend a card. Handwritten notes can sometimes be the most meaningful. Include a picture of a memory together, or of you reaching a goal your mentor helped you achieve.
  • Make a phone call. With today’s technology, we often forget how meaningful a verbal conversation can be.
  • Post on social media, tagging your mentor if you are connected.
  • Treat them to coffee, frame a picture of the two of you, or simply make plans to spend some time together on this day.

Have others ideas? We want to hear them! Tag Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to use the hashtags #MentorIRL and #ThankYourMentorDay. Let’s show our mentors how much we appreciate them!